Next session: 


Due to the uncertain corona situation, we have to cancel the next dates.

Despite the beautiful rooms of the youth hostel many drawers fear infection and stay away.

It is also difficult to find models.

We keep you informed on this website.



The concept is simple: once a month we get together in RED JOHN, Irish pub in Solothurn, to share our ideas, create art and drink. There are no rules, no boundaries, just a fullblown thunderstorm of creative energy. 

How you can find us:


Every third monday from 7.30 pm:

RED JOHN, Irish Pub, Landhausquai 1, 4500 Solothurn

13th of July, 17th of August 2020:

Youth Hostel Solothurn, Landhausquai 23. 4500 Solothurn